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*Why you should do a first look


Why You Should do a First Look

The moment you see each other when you are walking down the isle will always be special, even if you do a first look. I feel very passionate that a first look is something that every couple should do, so this post explains my reasons!  This is a very personal decision that everyone must come to decide on their own.  Hopefully this post will help you decide!pintopinterest

So, why do a first look?  A first look is just so great because it is intimate. It is special. It is just between you and your fiancé.  When we shoot them, no one else is watching.

A first look is your MOMENT together to soak up the day and take it all in!!  The day you get married is such a strange whirlwind of emotions.  it goes by so fast!  You will not remember every little bit of it.  it will feel like a daze.  it seriously is the weirdest thing ever how fast it flies by.  So a first look can be a time to take in all the senses, to really FEEL the moment and to not let it escape you!  I like to take these first looks very slow.  They are just so special.

After the first look I love to take some of the “standard” portraits of you two while your hair and makeup is fresh.  These are just some simple bridal and groom portraits.  Once we get these we can focus on the fun stuff.

I did a first look during my wedding and I cherish those private moments where I was able to see my wife for the first time.  I was so nervous!  I just wanted to see my best friend.  Even though we did a first look we both still cried during the ceremony.  A first look can never replace that moment.

I hope this helped you in your decision!


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