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I’m not sure if people always connect the two – but, i wish i could say JUST how important it is in choosing the right venue. not everyone is as photography minded, totally get that. but its my aim, that the couples booking me – are. you see, you cant just choose any venue and expect it to be the base for what will create incredible photography. the two are very interlaced.

when booking a venue, look around. ask yourself and mentally note what the surroundings look like. are there nooks and crannies, variety, to shoot in? these backdrops will be YOUR photos, will be your first look, where your guests mingle.

where will you be getting ready?  below you will find some pictures of locations that my clients picked for their wedding. there was light and natural areas for me to shoot and create timeless bridal portraits. no florescent lights. it was a great base to begin with.

where are the areas within walking distance on site? some portraits are shot earlier in the day, is there shade to shoot in? is in the middle of nowhere with no coverage? see the areas in and around your venue and know those will be your photos of you two together.  i love incorporating architecture and the surrounding areas into what i see as a great shot. i love variety. i love old. i love interesting indoors. i love the city being our backdrop. i love good light.

will there be natural light during the ceremony? will it be blaring sun during the time you choose for the ceremony? will both, the couple be in good light and/or solid shade during the ceremony? one of the best things is an outdoor ceremony. and one of the hardest things is when there is shade and total spotty light on the bride and groom. his face is lit with pockets of light, hers is not. now, all these things cant be controlled on the day of. BUT its just something to think about. you want even light over the B&G for best images. nothing can be perfect, but i know these things can be forgotten when choosing and planning.

where will you be sitting/standing during toasts?  will there be a huge speaker behind you on the dance floor and empty wall? will you be impossible to get close to, in order to get emotion, smiles and tears while your loved ones toast you. maybe consider asking your photographer where to be.

these are all things that play into great coverage. booking a great photographer is one step, but an equally interesting and unique venue with a lot of character is just an equal part in the types of photos you will receive. if i’m not provided these things within a venue, i will always do my best to scout the surrounding areas, but the immediate area within your venue will influence the feel of your photos and keep the day relaxed when it all close enough to walk. the two go hand in hand.

for an example of what it looks like when choosing the right venue, take a look below . every inch of the grounds was able to create a wonderful image. where they got ready, an incredible base perfect for portraits.


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